Recently I was watching a popular TV show – CSI.  It seems to be the rage.  Partially because of the intrigue and perhaps somewhat because it fuels the curiosity of people to know and to discover.  God made us that way – with the insatiable urge to know and to discover new things.  During the TV show, the investigators searched for clues that would identify the person responsible.  The most important clue they found was a thumbprint.  It told them all the information they needed as to the identity of its owner.

It’s amazing what a thumbprint can tell you.  The forensic science TV shows tell us they can pinpoint the very identity of a person based upon a thumbprint – unless it has been smeared or wiped off.  It’s an amazingly powerful imprint.  It’s unique and it always points back to the owner.  

Have you ever considered what clues you are leaving for others that point people to your true identity?  When God made you He put His thumbprint on your life.  He made you unique, yes – but in His own image.  The people around you are like the investigators, and when they look for clues of your identity, they will come across God’s image imprinted upon you – unless you have smeared it beyond recognition.  You are created in God’s image.  You have His imprint upon your life. And Jesus Christ wants to walk with you each day in making that imprint really clear. 

Although your own nature strives to take control and smear the imprint of God in an effort to assert yourself, God never stops offering to work with you in clarifying His imprint on you so it is absolutely clear to any who look at you.  All the clues are there in your life for anyone to see.  The Holy Spirit wants to help you keep them evident for the investigators to find and see clearly your identity in Christ.

Realizing that you have an imprint on your life may help you to find a path forward in becoming all that God has in mind for you to become.  It’s not uncommon for people to live blindly – that is to just live each day without a sense of direction, purpose or knowing what they are meant to be.  When you think about the imprint of God on you and you accept that you are His, and that clearly reflecting that image is the most important call on your life, then you can lean forward and walk the path of daily living with confidence.  

Walk in a manner that will let the thumbprint of God on your life be the most important clue others will see as a description of your identity.

May the Holy Spirit help you to reflect the imprint!

Kevin Mannoia