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Front Page Reflections

November, 2018
In the Face of Tragedy

It seems as though the pain and the trauma are unending.  Another shooting. And before that, one more. Hurt, offense, pain. These are the real burdens of people who walk with us, around us, and perhaps even touch us personally.  We wring our hands in desperation, all the while asking what is to be done to stop the violent outbursts of uncontrollable anger.  Can there be any clearer signal that the heart of humanity is broken and suffering from desperate separation from God? How else could such a steady chain of pain be explained?

Our calling is to be Christ in the midst of the reality of our community.  Not fixing every wrong, for that may never cease until all creation is again made whole.  But, bringing grace, comfort and hope to the downcast.  Look around. You will see sadness and mourning.  See the faces of those who have lost loved ones in this latest shooting.  There is no wiping it away.  But there is always hope, comfort, and mostly, there is the presence of a loving Christ who feels their pain.  We in whom the living Christ dwells are the instruments of that comfort and peace. In our words, in actions, and in our presence there is the hope of life in the middle of pain.  Of course we pray. But look carefully into the eyes of those around you.  And in your presence, bring Christ into the vision of those who hurt. That is the hope for which they thirst; the comfort they long for. May we be Christ to the broken-hearted!

--Kevin W. Mannoia

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